For me, making art is an organic process. I am inspired by natural forms and forces, such as ocean waves and storms: ancient dwellings and antique objects, eroded stones and wood, shells and bones, arches and ruins, ancient frayed umbrellas...

While drawing I observe the relationships between forms and the spaces they inhabit; relationships which correlate to bodies and how they move, the strain of bone and tendons, and emotions emerge. A transformation of the object and space occurs as the drawing progresses. The spaces around the transformed object move and shift as time passes and imaginary natural forces converge on it.

The process of papermaking recalls happy childhood memories - smells of fields and nature walks when gathering and cooking plants for pulp; finding special pieces of driftwood, shells or stones when at the ocean or lakes and streams. 

Papermaking is a non-toxic medium. While working with it, I feel like I am getting back to basics using water, natural materials, drawing and painting tools. I work in a variety of ways with paper - it is such a versatile medium. Paper sculpture can be light weight and translucent; fragile looking, yet strong - evocative of forms found in nature,

Whether I choose to work in painting, printmaking, papermaking or drawing; to express an idea or discover something in the process; making art is an essential part of who I am and provides me with a sanctuary.